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Finding the right divorce attorney is a little bit like shopping for a new car.  While there are many options available to you, finding the right attorney for you and your case will make a lasting impact on your future.  How will you know if you’ve found the right one?  There are some fundamental principles to consider so you can have confidence in your decision.

First and foremost, it can feel scary and overwhelming to find yourself in the position of needing legal representation in a family law matter. Like buying a car, this is not something you do often or have a lot of experience with.  If you are facing your first divorce or a child custody matter, the quality of your life and your family dynamic are in the balance.  You need the right attorney to secure your best outcome and long-term interests, provide attainable and realistic goals and maximize the use of your resources to achieve those outcomes.  Like choosing a car, your attorney needs to align with your goals and meet your expectations.  You need to have confidence in their ability to maneuver around any obstacles that come down the road.

Ask for advice:

When you shop for a new car, you’ll likely talk to your friends or family about what you need and seek to gain their knowledge and experience.  In the same way, your friends or family members who have experience in a family law proceeding can be a valuable resource for you when starting your family law journey.  Asking for a referral and an honest review can help immensely but be sure to make your own decision based on your individual needs.

Think about your needs:

It is important to take some time to determine what your personal needs are during a family law proceeding.  Your ability to trust and communicate with your attorney is crucial to your partnership throughout your case.

Search the web:

Read your prospective attorney’s website in detail.  This will teach you what the firm’s practice philosophy is, and you can determine if this lines up with your personal values and goals.

Look for news, publications and awards:

Just like you want your car to be top-rated in safety and performance, you want to choose a reputable firm with recognition in the state and in the family law community.

Read the reviews:

Just like you would for a car, read the reviews of former clients.  They have had first-hand experience with the firm you are researching and can offer you insight into how their case was handled and if they are satisfied with the outcome.

Take a test drive:

The only way you can have complete certainty in your family law attorney is to meet with them one-on-one.  At our firm, we start every client relationship with a consultation.  This meeting allows you to ascertain your attorney’s practice philosophy and style, as well as gain legal advice on how they would proceed with your case should you hire the firm.  Communicate your needs with your attorney and discuss how they intend to meet them.  Your attorney should have a strategic plan and strong advocacy for your position. However, they must be able to provide you with realistic and attainable goals and be honest about what you can accomplish.  You should feel comfortable communicating with your attorney and trust their direction and intentions.

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