New Mexico is a community property  state, meaning that assets and debts accrued in a marriage are split equally  in the event of a divorce.

Our attorneys will assist you in identifying, classifying and valuing all of your marital assets and debts to help you reach an equitable result:

  • Identification: Our divorce and property division attorneys help you make a list of each asset and debt that you and your spouse have regardless as to whose name is on the asset (such as real property) or debt (such as a loan).
  • Classification: We will distinguish marital property accrued during the marriage from separate property acquired before the marriage or received as a gift or inheritance.
  • Evaluation: We work with financial professionals to determine the monetary value of your property. You will create a list of assets and debts you would assume in an ideal divorce settlement.
  • Tax Implication: Our professionals will help you consider how receiving each asset and assuming each debt on your list would impact your tax liability and can work hand-in-hand with tax experts to create a tax savings plan.


It’s crucial to have an experienced attorney at your side throughout the divorce process to ensure you are evaluating and analyzing complex assets in order to receive an equitable settlement.

One of the most important issues a couple faces when they divorce is how to divide assets and debts accumulated during the marriage, general called marital property. Identifying, classifying and valuing assets and debts can be straightforward or complex.

The divorce attorneys at Terry & deGraauw, P.C.  have experience handling complex divorce and property division matters in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our ultimate goal is to find creative solutions that are equitable while meeting your needs and preventing you from being responsible for debts that are not your own.


The Albuquerque divorce attorneys at Terry & deGraauw, P.C., can help you resolve all aspects of your divorce, including marital property division and child custody disputes. We work with a broad range of divorce clients, from parties facing bankruptcy to high asset estates.

We are New Mexico Supreme Court certified family law specialists. To meet with our Albuquerque divorce attorneys, contact us to schedule your consultation.