During the collaborative divorce process, both sides rely on neutral experts to help with specific areas of the settlement process. The types of professionals needed may vary depending on the specific aspects of your divorce.

Your collaborative family law team may include:

  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Child Specialists
  • Appraisers
  • Therapists
  • Estate & Probate Lawyers
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Bankruptcy Lawyers

In the beginning of the collaborative divorce process, you and your spouse will sign a contract stating that you will not go to Court during your divorce process. If an agreement is not reached, then all professionals involved in the collaborative case, including each party’s attorney will not participate in future divorce litigation.


When you and your spouse decide to divorce, you will each retain a lawyer trained in collaborative family law. Your attorneys will not compete, but will instead be there to provide sound advice and support in order to ensure your interests are protected throughout the process of settling your divorce.

If you recently decided to divorce, you may be concerned that the divorce will lead to a long courtroom battle that hurts your children and creates permanent estrangement between you and your former spouse.

Today’s divorce lawyers understand that adversarial litigation is not the preferred way to divorce. At Terry & deGraauw, P.C., we provide collaborative divorce services in Albuquerque, New Mexico designed to keep you out of court and help build a positive post-divorce relationship with your family in uncontested divorces.


Mediation and collaborative divorce are similar in that they both require the parties to sit down and work out differences without going to court. However, Collaborative divorce is different because each person has a Collaborative attorney at his or her side to protect his or her interests and the support of a team of professionals to bring sophistication and expertise to your complex divorce issues.

Sometimes collaborative divorce is better for couples who cannot resolve differences through mediation. Collaborative divorce should be chosen over mediation when there are complex financial or tax issues that require expert analysis, difficult emotional issues that can prevent parties from moving forward in a traditional mediation setting  or child custody issues that cannot be agreed upon and require the expertise of a child specialist.


Divorce is a painful, life-changing event, but the Collaborative divorce process allows you and your spouse to focus on solving problems instead of placing blame.

The divorce attorneys at Terry & deGraauw, P.C. in Albuquerque are New Mexico Supreme Court Certified Family Law Specialists who have training and experience in Collaborative divorce law. Contact us to schedule your consultation at our Albuquerque family law office.