“As a single-father, involved in a highly contested case, I cannot express how grateful I am to Jennifer. Without her, I would have never gained custody of my son, and would have lost precious time and memories with him. Jennifer is completely dedicated and passionate to her client’s case. At other times, my case has been emotionally charged, and she has a way to re-focus me. Jennifer is ALWAYS prepared, and will know the details of your case better than you will. Her courtroom presence is compelling, and her delivery is eloquent. She’s always been there for me, and I consider her more than just my attorney, but a caring friend.

-B. N.




“Having experienced one of the most difficult divorces imaginable, Kathryn Terry earned my trust by providing well-grounded, fair, and professional guidance to help me through the turbulence. Kathryn’s outstanding ability to represent my interests and her full commitment to my case resulted in the most favorable custody solution for my son. I credit Kathryn for the stability I now enjoy with my son and the amazing strides I have made as a single-dad. Kathryn’s personal attention was both friendly and supportive and I would offer my strongest recommendation to anyone requiring all levels of legal support, mediation, or litigation.”

-B. C.




“Jennifer deGraauw has been my attorney for close to two years. She has proven to be a tireless worker, a relentless advocate and extremely driven to succeed. Her successes in my case have helped me get thru a most difficult time. She has been a calming force and a voice of reason when I thought things were untenable. Jennifer has also helped me keep things in perspective, truly a difficult task when dealing with such personal issues.”

-E. J.




“I cannot express my gratitude enough to Terry & deGraauw, P.C. Kathryn Terry brought her wealth of knowledge and resolve to help us succeed in our case, while providing support to my family in our difficult situation. We couldn’t have asked for better help or greater results.”

-E. H.




“Ms. deGraauw was great to work with. Not only did she have extensive knowledge of family law and execute timely and detailed work, but she also did so with compassion and caring. The combination of both excellent skills and knowledge, combined with thoughtful caring, made the whole stressful experience of having to go to court just that much easier. I highly recommend Ms. deGraauw for your family law needs.”

-R. T.